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Technology: Burning of bioethanol gel in fuel stoves

Project developer: PACE and Project Preparation Trust

VERS: 800 tons CO2e per annum

Project description: The Umdoni Municipality and the Project Preparation Trust (PPT) are partners in this project with PACE. The project involves households displacing coal, wood, paraffin and dung fuel sources with bioethanol gel (a by-product of the local sugarcane industry). Stoves were originally provided by the municipality but have been subsequently replaced and upgraded by PACE. The Umdoni Municipality currently provides about 4 000 households with seven litres of bio-ethanol gel fuel per household per month - this is funded through national government's Free Basic Alternative Energy grants. The project received significant carbon revenue from Credible Carbon in 2011 and used this to expand through the purchase of energy efficient woodstoves, photovoltaic panels and solar water heaters.

Umdoni PIN

To download the Umdoni Project Idea Note (PIN), click here.


In 2011 the Umdoni project was independently audited by SouthSouthNorth and shown to have saved 5,535 tCO2 as of the end of 2010.

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In 2012 the Umdoni project was again independtly audited, this time by Urban Earth. The auditors radically reduced the carbon saving estimates for the period January 2011 to April 2012. From 1 tCO2/household/year down to 0.2 tCO2/household/year (about 800 tCO2/year for the 4 000 participants). This was due to revised calculation methodologies and the correction of some earlier assumptions.

Umdoni represents a classic example of the collaboration between PACE, a local NGO (PPT) and the local municipality so as to make the carbon market work for the poor, and showcases what is possible in Africa.


Project audits

To download the 24th May 2012 project audit report click here