07 January 2016
Voluntary demand for carbon offsetting grew 4 percent in 2012, when buyers committed more than $523 million to offset 101 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

04 November 2015
Ecosystem Marketplace's newest report, Converging at the Crossroads: State of Forest Carbon Finance 2015, is out today and available for download

22 September 2015
If the South African carbon tax is to be implemented in January 2016, as currently planned, it is essential that the Treasury finalises the carbon tax details in the next few months.

22 September 2015
The number of carbon pricing schemes worldwide has almost doubled since 2012 but most taxes or markets have prices too low to prevent damaging global warming, the World Bank said last week.

10 November 2014
The iconic Kuyasa Housing project (South Africa's first Gold Standard CDM project) has requested to be part of the Credible Carbon registry. The audit process began this week.

08 August 2014
Combining a broad based carbon tax with sector-level quantity targets. The article is based on the South African context (Emily Tyler and Brent Cloete 2014)

13 March 2013

22 February 2013
Introducing a price on carbon is the biggest single intervention we can make to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, writes Harald Winkler

06 July 2012
Already low expectations for the Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference of the United Nations fell through the ocean floor in the last several days. People are taking to calling this “Rio–20" not “Rio+20"

13 May 2012
Delighted that both Umdoni and Trashback are being audited in May. Results will be on the web-page as soon as we have them.

06 May 2012
Slowly, it seems, that people (some people) are coming round to the idea that it is possible to off-set emissions and do some good at the same time..........

23 April 2012
Talk of carbon tax and carbon pricing is - in the general sense - to be welcomed. We need to price in the impact of CO2 emissions to correct market failure caused by negative externalities. But there may be some lessons from Australia.

21 February 2012
There was a time in the early 2000's when WWF (SA) were shy of advocacy. Good to see that that has changed. Carbon already has a cost - the 'social cost of carbon' - that is carried by all citizens. The sooner we price it in the better.

02 February 2012
At last something from the UN’s High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability. Good to see an acknowledgement of sustaianable development as a process, and a recognition that how we grow economies is more important than growth itself.

11 January 2012
A month on, with the spin on both sides having died down, what does a sober look at the facts tell us about what actually happened in Durban and what the implications might be? Viewpoint from Simon Retallack, Strategy Manager, Carbon Trust.

09 January 2012

20 December 2011
Andrew Light, Centre for American Progress: There are a lot of complaints about the outcome of the UN climate summit in Durban, South Africa, since it ended Sunday, December 11 around 6am after a 36-hour extension.

18 December 2011
You can trust George Monbiot to provoke a debate! Lets watch the economic numbers on this technology as they emerge and compare them to those for renewables. Do we really want to go down an alley that is non-renewable at this juncture?

14 December 2011
Even by the standards of UN climate meetings, with their jargon, rhetoric and countless committees, when a whole conference overruns by 36 hours something must be up....and note the comments at the end.

14 December 2011
Knowing your country's grid factor (the carbon intensity of the energy grid) is essential for any carbon trading project. PACE's long-standing friend Randall Spalding-Fecher has just revisited South Africa's grid factor in this document.

13 December 2011
The Canadian government has long complained the Kyoto Protocol is unworkable as it excludes significant emitters

12 December 2011
I always enjoy reading the accounts of how these negotiations unfold. To be sure the process is flawed by design, but it seems a little African-Latin American negotiation skill helped in this instance.

11 December 2011
UN climate talks have closed with an agreement that the chair said had "saved tomorrow, today".

08 December 2011
Agriculture Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson says the production of raw materials for bio-fuels will not threaten food security.

08 December 2011
‘We are on the path to creating liveable, dynamic and lovable urban worlds. This is the COP-17 good news’

06 December 2011
Just back for COP17....too early for definitive views, but it was a stimulating and encouraging event in spite of what much the popular media will have us believe. Having been in Copenhagen 2 years ago, I am encouraged by what I heard and saw.



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