PACE Centre project experience

PACE has worked on a range of different types of CDM project in the past. This experience allows PACE to provide focused CDM services, but has also led to the development of our voluntary carbon offsets and the provision of advice and services to voluntary market projects. Some examples of the CDM projects where PACE has previously been involved include:

  • Reforestation (thicket restoration)
  • Solar water heaters (commercial installations)
  • Industrial energy efficiency (e.g. heat exchanger installation)
  • Energy efficient lighting for transportation (including LED traffic lights)
  • Replacement of incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lighting (CFLs)
  • Non-grid renewable energy applications (range of RE)

There remain a large number of carbon trading opportunities in South Africa and PACE is in a good position to assist project hosts and project developers to develop an appropriate carbon income stream.

However, from this CDM experience, PACE has also come to recognise the barriers to CDM for many small-scale operators in South Africa. Many such projects with clear sustainable development benefits are difficult to process through CDM due to the high transaction costs involved and the limited capacity available for carbon activities. For this reason, PACE has applied its carbon experience to the voluntary market and developed the concept of Credible Carbon™.

For a project to be considered eligible for Credible Carbon it should save at least 600tCO2e per annum and make a clear contribution to poverty alleviation.