CDM in Africa

As at 1 January 2012, there were 3 743 CDM projects registered worldwide, with only 77 of these (2.1%) hosted in Africa. About a quarter of the projects in Africa (77) are hosted by South Africa (20), with sub-Saharan countries accounting for 55 of the 77 African projects and North African countries having 22 projects.

Of the carbon credits actually issued for sale (815 695 kCERs or thousands of metric tonnes), Africa has only contributed 1.3% and South Africa 0.3%.

Of the 128 DNAs in non-Annex I countries, there were 48 DNAs (38%) registered in Africa. Of the 54 Designated Operating Entities, there was only one DOE (11%) registered in Africa, namely Carbon Check (Pty) Ltd (Price Waterhouse Coopers was a DOE but has now withdrawn).

(Source: CDMpipeline UNEP Riso 2012.01.01 from the CD4CDM website, retrieved 12/1/2012

At PACE we are alarmed by CDM's failure in Africa and it was this that lead us to look for viable alternatives such as Credible Carbon.