What we do

The PACE Centre aims to reduce the cost of making the carbon market work in Southern Africa and links carbon revenue with poverty alleviation. We offer support, advice and a new mechanism to facilitate local carbon-saving projects that have developmental benefits - "Credible Carbon™".

The Credible Carbon™ programme ensures that carbon offset projects in Southern Africa:

  • Are up and running (get beyong business plans);
  • Use appropriate technology and keep this technology functioning;
  • Make reasonable - unbiased to buyer or seller - assumptions about the amount of CO2 they are saving;
  • Contribute to poverty alleviation.

The PACE Centre achieves this by:

  • Assisting projects to register with the most efficient carbon registry in Southern Africa.
  • Providing an online link between investment in greenhouse gas abatement with credible renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Southern Africa;
  • Ensuring that investment in greenhouse gas abatement projects in Southern Africa contributes to locally relevant development, including energy efficient low-cost housing, provision of clean energy in rural areas, low-emission inner-city transport solutions and indigenous forest rehabilitation;
  • Linking projects with local carbonn audit companies
  • Providing innovative and tailored advice to viable renewable energy and energy efficiency projects;
  • Wherever possible, supporting local enterprises involved in greenhouse gas mitigation.